When presenting your venue to the public, through your website, a brochure or social media channels, it’s very important to focus on the target audience you want to reach and show them the right images.
I can help you with organising a professional photo shooting, taking care personally about the interior styling of your venue, according to the target you want to hit, creating the right atmosphere and ambience, choosing together with the photographer the correct point of view for the shots, helping you to show the location’s personality beside its objective features.
I will help you with styling and putting together all the extra elements needed to provide your photos with a soul and communicate the correct message to your clients.
Need a Web Designer? Gloria from C4Web could be the perfect one (she made my website too!)
Need the photographer? Just ask! We work with many talented professional photographers based in Tuscany and not only. We can help you to find the ones that fit you best!

Location: Castello di Pastine

Website by: C4Web

Photo by Francesco Spighi

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