Weddings are a family affair, which means sometimes, children are going to be in attendance, also when planning a destination wedding.
Many couples plan their weddings with little guests on the list and, inevitably, they panic that the kiddies will be bored, silly, drive their parents insane, or worse, run riot (!)
The secret to have a stress-free reception – for both parents and the couple – when having children at your wedding is to be prepared!
So, if your guest list includes young children, you should even consider creating a dedicated space for them so that they can enjoy the party without interrupting their parents too much.
The best thing you can do is to make sure that your reception has a complete kid’s corner, just like we did at Claudia & Umberto’s wedding last June.
If you can even hire a babysitter (or a squad of babysitters depending on the number of kids attending!!) to keep an eye on them, that would be very great. But, to have a space for them armed with books, coloring supplies and some toys would very much be appreciated by all the little ones and their parents.
We can take care to liaise with the caterer to provide kid-friendly menu from nibbles, drinks to meals. Remember, kids won’t eat meals they cannot pronounce! So forget about your fancy canapé and foie gras, your little guests would prefer simple dishes like fish & chips or a hamburger.
Actually, it’s kind of fun designing a kids corner at your wedding, moreover when adjusting the space, keeping in mind the whole decoration style. It is a kids space, but it’s still your wedding. The smartest solution is to design the kids corner as a part of your wedding, so everything will still look pretty and even cuter with a touch of kids stuff.
With that in mind, we always have a special eye when talking about kids. I’m a mother of 2 little ones of 5 and 9, so I totally understand what does it mean keeping them busy and most of all happy when you wish to relax and have fun!!
And when the number of the little guests is quite big or you wish to create something really special, we collaborate with a dedicated team who can take care from A to Z of your kids: from entertainment, to babysitting, from decor to activities, keeping always an eye on the whole wedding design.
The point is, having a kids corner is to keep your youngest guests occupied and having fun, so everyone – you and your groom, their parents and all the guests can enjoy your special day.
.. because a happy crew of kids will lead to a happy crew of adults!

Photo Credit Lucrezia Senserini

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