Our mission is making your VISION come true.
KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE and passion are the main drives of our team.
Whether it is a Wedding or a Private Party, a Brand Activation or a Gala Dinner, a Chich Dinner or a simple gathering just for fun, we will inspire and guide you throughout the entire process for creating a MEMORABLE experience.

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Creative director


CIAO! I am Olivia, a life-enthusiast and a creative mind.

Florentine by birth, I’m totally in love with Tuscany, my region, and Italy, my country. How could you not be?
Architecture, culture, fashion and the Italian attitude to life are a true source of inspiration.

Styling and design has always been my passion, at first explored by working  for luxury fashion brands, after creating my own textile company while being an interior decorator and a styling consultant for private and business clients. All this led me to the wedding and event design world. 

Since 2013 I have designed and organized in Italy and abroad weddings, events, styled photo shoots, blog tours, brand activations and settings for customers of any kind: from private clients to influencers and companies, from luxury brands to TV channels, always curating every single detail. Why? Because details make the difference. 

I’m personally involved in each of our projects but I strongly believe in the power of the TEAM.

Since I founded my personal brand in 2018, Sveva joined me becoming my left hand (oh yes, I’m left-handed!).

We team-up for all our clients, boosting and pushing each other beyond our comfort zone.

Event manager


Born and raised in Florence, in the heart of the Renaissance, with a background in economics and human studies. My first and forever love is sport.

Sport is what taught me discipline and fun in life both personally and at work and raised me to be a team player. 

I truly believe that a funny joke, a smile and kindness are key to making it bigger!

Creativity and curiosity for beauty, art, architecture, design and fashion came naturally while working in London and Madrid. 

What drives me in life is always challenging myself and finding each and every solution to any potential issue. I love solving them with creativity, a touch of magic and attention to details. This all led me to Olivia Sodi in 2018.

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Olivia, Sveva and much more!

Our team of professionals grows and adapts according to each work we design and produce. 

A constant positive attitude, research of new ideas, attention to details and a meticulous organization is our core.

Along with our office team we collaborate with several professional figures who allow us to turn our ideas and your dreams into real productions.

Over the years we have built a reliable network of trusted vendors. We challenge each other on every project and on the day-of we act as a bigger united team, with the same vision and direction, able in a short amount of time to create beauty in perfect harmony.

We are always excited to face new challenges and we cannot wait to scout new vendors and find more talented collaborators to realize your perfect celebration.